Course Curriculum for Inplant training for College Students (2 Weeks)

Details of course:
Telecom Networks:

Fundamentals of Telecom
Various Access Systems
BSNL Services

Switching Principles:

Introduction to Digital Switching Systems
Introduction to Telecom Transmission Systems

Fibre Optics:

Principles of Optical Fibre Cable.
Constructional features of OFC

GSM Mobile

Introduction to Cellular communication
GSM architecture
Introduction to GPRS , EDGE , 3G , GSM IN/ VAS Services,


CDMA Concept
CDMA Product


Introduction to Broad band
BroadBand Access Technologies

Lab visit

Visit of GSM, CDMA, Broad band and CDOT labs


CDMA Concept
CDMA Products

Fibre Optics

Principles of Optical Fibre Cable
Constructional features of OFC
Fibre optics - Transmission systems


Wireless standards & applications
Securing wireless LAN


Wi-Max standards & Wireless Broadband
BSNL services & applications


Introduction to data services
GPRS network elements & Applications